We can start with society and be honest that it is not all roses. If there are a few things that we can’t get in this society, it’s due to nature. Man has allowed himself to be socialized by society in many ways, and one of those ways includes sports, where the competitiveness is at a high, and while sports is for most people, and we should all be proud to be involved in it, there is one sport that is left out.

The exception to this would be the people who put in the hard work into their sport, but many others have no interest in putting in the time. In fact, I’ve met some people who didn’t even like golf as a sport, they didn’t like the length, they didn’t like the area in which they played it, or the competition level. Now the game can be very enjoyable, but this does not change the fact that some people are not looking forward to it, and I find this disheartening, because people who I play golf with tend to turn out to be very good golfers. The truth is that many sports, we like them, we enjoy them, but when we cannot participate, then we lose that satisfaction, and the purpose of participation.

This is not the only society in which we have to contend with the loss of life, but many others are far worse. For example, in today’s society, if you are an alcoholic, your family and friends have probably noticed this, they are not usually at fault, but they have in fact taken it upon themselves to take care of you, they go into rehab, they are trying to help you.

If society did not turn out to be so shallow, I would consider this a point of pride, but society isn’t just like this, this is society. We don’t look at this subject seriously, but we don’t even look at it as such, it’s pretty sad.

Society turns into a lady hating society and much of the time, women are the ones being judged, because they can not help the situation. Society doesn’t take care of itself. That is why we need to start making society better, we have to step up, and do our part to make it better.

Society is certainly not all roses, and I would never tell you that it was, because it isn’t. But you should do what you can to help make it better. There is nothing like this, other than you can simply believe in the things that society says about you, and hope that it will be true.

Humanity isn’t all roses, but we are definitely on the up, and we have made amazing advances in the past couple of hundred years, and even more now. Society can be something that make you proud, but a very brief look into it may surprise you. One thing that I think about, is that not everything is perfect, and we really should ask ourselves is it worth the problems that we encounter in life?